Innovative product development

The combination and integration of different disciplines is the strength of Lamp-ion. The goal of Lamp-ion is to fill the gap between science and industry for the development of new technological concepts and products.

      Lamp-ion B.V. would like to work with you

For example for:

  • Concept: Development of new product concepts within your current portfolio.
  • Feasibility studies: Evaluation of technical feasibility.
  • Prototype development: Develop and test new concepts.

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Water Waves reactor met WW Ultravibes

The effect of -WW UltraVibes- on the scaling of the quartz protection sleeves was extensively shown in Water Waves’ reactors for AOP (advanced oxidation). For this puropose, water with a high concentration of humic acids and a high supersaturation for calcium carbonate was treated with UV-C irradiation. After a reaction time of one week, without ultrasound treatment, a layer of calcium carbonate scaling is present on the quartz protection sleeves, reducing the efficiency of the UV-C irradiation to nearly zero. Application of ultrasound results in perfectly clean quartz tubes without any scaling (photo on the right hand side). On the photo on the right hand side, 2 quartz sleeves locally show some impurities present at the surface. These impurities originate from impurities in water present on the surface of the quartz tubes and can be wiped off with a finger.

Lamp-ion director Martijn Wagterveld shows the principle of WW Ultravibes in the new AOP reactor of Water Waves.

Lamp-ion BV in Promo-clip: “Tien jaar Nederlands-Duitse samenwerking: Interreg A (in Dutch)”

The cooperation in the interreg A project Denewa between (amongst others) Wetsus and Easymeasure B.V. has lead to the inception of the Water Waves concepts -WW UltraVibes- en -WW UltraOxidizer-. The technologies has been developed by Lamp-ion in cooperation with Water Waves into a market ready concept. Both Mateo Mayer (director Water Waves) and Martijn Wagterveld (director Lamp-ion) share their expertise in the promo below.

Step closer towards a sustainable greenhouse

Joeri Beerens (right), fourth year student of Environmental Sciences Van Hall Larenstein Leeuwarden and Biense Hoogland, project officer CEW, start the first test in the WAC.

From the end of February 2016 a new sustainable technology is being tested to purify residual water containing pesticides from greenhouses in the framework of the project “purification greenhouse drain water Berlikum”. Water Waves B.V. is a partner in this project. Part of the technology was developed by Lamp-ion B.V., -WW UltraVibes-.

The motive for the project is the purification requirement for residual waters which means that growers must remove pesticides for 95% of residual water. With conventional techniques, this represents a major investment for individual gardeners.

The ambition of the project is to reduce the cost of disposal of pesticides by 50% through a new sustainable concept. A large pilot plant will be placed in one of the greenhouses in Berlikum mid-2016. when the pilot is successful the technology will be built and marketed by Water Waves.

More information is available on the website of Water Waves, through the official press release or contact form.

Broadcast Omrop Fryslân 5 March 2016

Breakthrough in ultrasound

Measurement setup ultrasound Lamp-ion B.V. Since december 2014 Lamp-ion cooperates with Water Waves B.V. This cooperation has led to a breakthrough in ultrasound, the development of -WW UltraVibes-. More information is available through the website of Water Waves or our contactform.

The company name Lamp-ion is a combination of: idea (the cartoonesk lamp) and innovation and development or “ontwikkeling” in Dutch, (ion). The last part of the name also gives an idea of ​​the knowledge and specialization of Lamp-ion, in fact all areas where ions play an important role, such as electrochemistry but also crystallization. The basis of this knowledge lies within the research institute Wetsus, European centre of excellence for sustainable water technology. Therefore Lamp-ion B.V. can be considered to be a spin-off of Wetsus.